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The Unwritten Rules Of Informational Interviews

  • It’s not about a job. You’re not actively trying to land a new position with an informational interview.
  • You’re there to learn. The purpose of this type of interview is to learn about what the other person does, how they do it, and what they like or dislike about their job. 
  • You listen and they talk. The other person does the talking, but you steer the conversation with insightful questions that matter to both of you. 

Such interviews can most certainly lead to more job opportunities in the future, but only if you conduct them in the right way by asking the right questions to the right people. 


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The Goal Of Interviews

Interviews are about your ability to do something for the people interviewing you. 

Look at the interview from the interviewer’s point of view and show you are genuinely interested in their well-being, and in the success of the company you’re joining.

Conduct the Perfect Job Interview

  1. Truly understand what you need and and tailor everything in your selection process finding the perfect person.
  2. Determine how you will find the perfect person to fill need that need. You don't want the best of what you saw. You want the best person for the job.

The interviewing process gives valuable insight

The interviewing process gives valuable insight

When job seekers apply for a position, they often have to jump through more hoops to prove themselves than in the past. Many companies demand drawn-out and multiple steps in the interview process that seem like a job in itself.

How a company treats you during the interview process ...

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