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Developing Successors

Organisations are failing to develop middle-management to eventually take on C-Suite(senior and executive level) positions. In 2022, businesses must roll out strategies designed to equip middle-management with the skills they need to lead and therefore be considered for roles within the C-Suite.

Crucially, this training must focus on training leaders for the here-and-now, as well as those that are able to develop empathy and an emotional connection with their teams.




In 2022, employers will need to review their hiring policies to ensure they’re finding those with high ceilings when it comes to their potential.

80% of employees want inclusive companies, and almost half of respondents believed that their company needed to improve diversity, race and gender equality. This tells us that every industry leader must strive to familiarise themselves with diversity-related issues in order to create a truly incl...

Even though many organisations have now transitioned back to a phased or hybrid return to the office, the unknowns surrounding the pandemic has prompted a return to working from home.

Due to extenuating circumstances, such as the pandemic, many industries are reporting considerable skills gaps. For example, there are thought to be skills gaps in up to 70% of the technology industry, and many other industries are finding similar gulfs in appropriately trained workers.

Employees are also keen to know that their health and welfare is taken seriously; this means everything from ensuring correct health protocols to ensuring that mental fatigue and burnout are addressed quickly and correctly.

There was once a time when employees clocked in and clocked out; no questions asked. But these days employees care far more than just their salary. While, clearly, wages are a key pointer for employees to remain with a business, they are now just as concerned about the environment they are being ...

While employees and management may be open to the idea of change in the working environment, implementing large-scale changes can create further issues with change fatigue – particularly prevalent given what we’ve experienced these past few years. If this is the case, then working to reinforce ch...

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