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The 80% Secret

The 80% Secret

One of the most common sayings in Japan is “Hara hachi bu,” which is said before or after eating and means “Fill your belly to 80 percent.” This is why stop eating when  stomachs reach 80 percent of capacity, rather than overeating and wearing down bodies with long digestive processes that accelerate cellular oxidation.

The way food is served is also important. By presenting their meals on many small plates, the Japanese tend to eat less. Having five plates in front of you makes it seem like you are going to eat a lot.


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I'm not somebody you find twice

The book brings out the purpose or how to continue even without purpose with doing the mundane tasks like walking, doing dishes, cleaning house and many more things that will keep us busy and helps us enjoy life, whilst we search for our purpose. Because those who discover their ikigai have everything they need for a long and joyful journey through life.

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