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Feedback With Context

Save yourself a headache by making sure everyone knows exactly the kind of feedback you’re looking for.

When giving design feedback: make sure you’re addressing the right issues. If a designer made their needs clear when asking for feedback, stick to those. If they did not, double-check with them and ask for clarification.

When asking for feedback: be explicit about the state of your design, and share what you need and what you don’t


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Feedback is vitally important to evaluate how well you're doing and to identify areas for improvement. Faster feedback is always better.

  • Share work publicly: Even if it feels scary, sharing your work is essential for improvement.
  • Be very specific:

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  • When you have a choice between telling the truth or protecting someone’s feelings, it’s better to go with the truth, in a respectful way.
  • Default to blaming yourself and what you control rather than looking for outside excuses. 
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