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The Two EgoCentric Biases

  • What you pay attention to
  • Your interpretation of what you are paying attention to

The two different versions of egocentric biases, are produced by differences in attention (the neck problem) and the differences in interpretation (the lens problem).  

Of these two, existing evidence suggests that the neck problem is easier to overcome than the lens problem. 


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Mindwise Book Summary explores why we see human motivations in inanimate objects, why we fight others and why we are strangers to ourselves. If you’re interested in human behaviour and why people separate others into groups, this is the book for you.

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It was quite interesting reading about these cognitive biases, this book has mentioned 13 biases. These are very thought-provoking, I researched and found a book that has given some more details about 100 such Biases with daily life examples, and how to overcome them just...

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Our brain relies on cognitive biases over clear evidence. Cognitive bias is the tendency to make poor judgments in a consistent pattern. Our unconscious biases are often so strong that they lead us to act in ways that are inconsistent with reason, our values, and beliefs.


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