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Not Resolving Real-World Problems

The concept sounds great, but is it solving a real-world problem? If not, then no one will want to use your app. It doesn’t matter how stunning it is or how much funding you have raised – if no one wants to use it, there won’t be much point in launching.

When figuring out whether or not you’re trying to solve a real-world problem, make sure that your solution adds value over what people are already doing with their time & money.

An app has to have some professional utility to appeal to anyone other than you or your family. Having a passion for an idea is great, but it’s not enough.


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Buggy Updates Lacking User Feedback Consideration

In today’s world, clients have more power than ever. If you ignore what they say about your mobile app, it could spell disaster for your company. Without user feedback, you can’t grow sustainably.

Customers may love a particular feature when it first launches, but chances are their feelings...


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Failing to Choose the Right Launching Platform

Your first stop should be identifying which mobile platform—iOS or Android— and ecosystem best fits your product and customers. Each app platform has its benefits. For example, Android offers a plethora of audience and hardware options, but iOS users tend to spend more on apps.

After choosi...


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Overlooking Security Threats

If there’s one thing we should’ve learned over the past decade, it’s that internet security is paramount. Yet, even with apps earning more access to our phones, which essentially hold all our essential information, companies still fail to see mobile app security as a priority.

To ke...


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Underestimating UX Challenges

User experience is a huge factor in determining whether a mobile app succeeds or fails. It’s easy to write an app that seems intuitive and fun to use, but if it takes too long to analyze how to use, offers preliminary design, or misses vital features, users will quickly lose interest.

It wi...


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Coding Flaws

It might appear evident while reading, but you have to make sure your mobile app has been built well from a technical standpoint. If it doesn’t work when it launches or contains bugs that make it difficult for users to navigate, you could be in trouble.

Flurry data shows there are more than...


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Inefficient Marketing Strategy

The best way to avoid app failure is by creating a solid marketing strategy for your product before building it. You should know who you want to reach and what you’re going to say before making an app or mobile site.

Don’t let lack of planning ruin everything! With several affordable market...


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Insufficient Testing Time for the App

Mobile apps require a fair amount of testing. They’re so complex that only about 4% get released without any bugs at all, as per Failory. Even after apps have been tested, there is no shortage of updates and improvements based on user feedback.

If you do not put in enough time in testing yo...


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Lack of Target Audience Research

To avoid having an app nobody wants, research before starting development to ensure you’re making something people want. For example, if your idea is for a new video streaming app, it might be better off as a web application rather than a native mobile one.

By reading through mobile user re...


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Unfriendly User Interface

It would help if you had an easy-to-use user interface that allows people to get straight into your application and get value from it. Otherwise, you risk losing customers before they ever use your product. Try and keep things simple; if you make it hard for people to figure out how to use your a...


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It’s hard to get sufficient data on how often companies run out of money before finding enough users to generate revenue. Still, it happens often enough that several firms have started developing new app financing strategies designed to fill in these funding gaps.

• What are your risks for ...


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Bad Prototyping

Too many developers, designers, and project managers view prototypes as something to do only when necessary—such as after you’ve done all your research and know what needs to get built.

However, great prototyping can save you time and money by helping you visualize your ideas early on and ...


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Missing Timely Delivery of the App

It’s no surprise that an app’s time to market matters. From a startup’s perspective, users are more likely to download your app if it’s available on their mobile device right when they need it. So why wait?

Depending on your app’s complexity, take advantage of prototyping software and tools...


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Incorrect App Store Optimization

Most people think their job is done by simply having a presence on Google Play or Apple’s App Store. However, getting an app into those stores isn’t nearly enough to drive significant growth and achieve success.

The placement of your app among search results is primarily based on metadata t...


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Poor Customer Support

Slow response times, miscommunication, and inadequate training can derail any mobile app. With nearly 30% of app users abandoning an app after one use due to insufficient customer support (KISSmetrics), optimizing your customer experience strategy is essential for preventing mobile app failure.


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Causes of Mobile App Failure and How to Avoid Them

Mobile apps can turn into massive successes or unmitigated failures, and the difference often comes down to the amount of hard work and care that went into development.

If you’re creating an app, it’s essential to do your research, choose the best development approach, & make sure you have ...


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Great leaders inspire me. I read and stash about that.

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