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  • Python is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language.
  • It emphasises code readability by using white space.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • It is a favourite of programmers and developers.
  • Python is very well suited for use in machine learning at a large scale.
  • Its suite of specialised deep learning and machine learning libraries includes tools like scikit-learn, Keras and TensorFlow. It enables data scientists to develop sophisticated data models that plug directly into a production system.
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Beware of switching lanes in turbulent environments

Leaders and members should be wary of adding more change to a rapidly changing situation.

In a turbulent environment with intense volatility, uncertainty, workload, and urgency, it’s important for both leaders and members to stay in their respective lanes and maintain the expected flow of information. In these settings, things are changing so fast that by the time an individual switches back to their assigned tasks, they’ve lost situation awareness and contributed to the chaos and confusion.

90% of what separates successful people and failed people is time, effort, and stamina.

If somebody in your industry is more successful than you, it’s probably because he works harder at it than you do. Sure, maybe he’s more inherently talented, more adept at networking, but I don’t consider that an excuse. Over time, that advantage counts for less and less. This is why the world is full of highly talented, network-savvy, failed mediocrities.

Ignore Everybody

by Hugh MacLeod


Types Of Mentors: The Coach

At times, we need someone to help us think through difficult problems.

A good coach doesn't solve your problems. They listen to what you say and ask questions to uncover the cause of those problems. They may suggest different perspectives and strategies you have not considered.

7 Laws of Success inspired from Steve Jobs
  • Follow your passions.  Without it, any rational person would give up.
  • Find your noble cause. For Jobs, making computers accessible to the average person wasn't just a business strategy; it was a calling.
  • Simplify everything and focus on the gems. You have only so much energy and attention to give to projects or projects.
  • Unleash your creativity. Creativity doesn't just happen. Expose yourself to ideas outside the field you're working in.
  • Create "insanely great" customer experiences. Hire for personality and culture fit first.
  • Don't introduce products; tell a story.
  • Sell dreams, not products. Your audiences don't care about your product, company or idea. They care about themselves, their hopes and their dreams. 

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