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The Special Assemblage That We Call Consciousness

That special assemblage is what we call consciousness. A century after Virginia Woolf observed that “one can’t write directly about the soul [for] looked at, it vanishes,” Lightman writes:


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

Beginnings and endings, or what we see as a beginning and an ending, like the coming of a New Year and the going of the “Old” one, unnerve us all. Here is an idea to foster and to share: “What exists is precious not because it will one day be lost but because it has overcome the staggering odds of never having existed at all.”

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Trying To Define Consciousness

  1. The consciousness can be entirely physical, a product of the brain.
  2. It is an independent, unique entity, a special feature of physical reality, and can be a different reality in itself.
  3. Everything that exists has some form of ‘proto-consciousness’, or varying levels of con...

What if we passed The Great FWhat if we passed The Great Filter?

What if we passed The Great FWhat if we passed The Great Filter?

Can we be after the filter?

What if the biggest challenge for a civilization is developing a consciousness?

What if that final point is just evolving from a bacteria into a more complex life form?

What if not discovering fire or electricity means extinction?

What if no oth...

Are we Immortal?!

Are we Immortal?!

You are considered and known for your soul, who remotes your body. so if I am talking about you then actually I am talking about your soul.

  • Many theories stated that soul is an undefined ENERGY

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