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Make your Bed

Make your Bed

Life is hard and that sometimes there is little you can do to affect the outcome of your day.

You search for something that can:

  • give you solace
  • motivate you to begin your day
  • be a sense of Pride in an oftentimes ugly world

But sometimes the simple act of making your bed can give you the lift you need to start your day and provide you the satisfication to end it right.

If you want to change your life and maybe the world...

start off by

making your bed


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Make your bed

Make your bed

By putting your house in order, you put your mind in order as well: Making your bed, brushing your teeth, showering, shaving, doing makeup, pressing your clothes are all little tasks that can put you in good form for the rest of your day. 



Gratitude not only helps you see the small things in life that are good, but it changes the way you act in life. It makes it easier for you to volunteer, lift others up, defeat ego, and give generously.

A practical tip is to let that practice take you one s...

15. Gadget Use Before Bed

15. Gadget Use Before Bed

The use of smartphones and computers before bedtime interrupts the natural way you fall asleep. The glaring light from these gadgets can affect how you catch sleep. Keep your technology gadgets away at least two hours before bed. 

And for your love for wine, avoid drinking when going to bed...

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