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You have financial goals

You have financial goals

Create a roadmap to increase your chances of achieving your financial goals.

It might be worth it to work with a financial adviser to set specific goals and have a plan in place.

You don't keep too much cash

You don't keep too much cash

Never keep more than you need in cash or in a checking account.

Grow your money in the short-term by storing it in a high-yield savings account or certificate of deposit.

You have no high-interest debt

Consumer debt kills wealth. 

The average credit card charges an APR of 17% while the stock market returns an average of 7% to 8% each year, adjusted for inflation.

You max out your retirement accounts every year

You max out your retirement accounts every year

If you can afford to put the full $19,000 into your 401(k) this year,

  • you multiply your earning potential in the market,
  • you can score if your company offers to "match" your contribution,
  • You only pay income tax on it later, but for now your money grows tax-free.

You're not obsessive

You're not obsessive

Check on your asset allocation periodically to ensure it matches your overall risk tolerance. Do not obsess over the details that could lead to emotion-fueled mistakes.

You're focused on the 'big wins'

You're focused on the 'big wins'

Focus on the 5-10 Big Wins, rather than 50 little things.

For example, paying down debt, saving automatically, negotiating a higher salary, and investing early will have a much greater impact than forgoing your morning coffee.

Your income is higher than last year,

Your income is higher than last year,

... but your spending hasn't changed.

Increasing your earnings is a form of leverage, whether you scored a raise, landed a better-paying job, or created a second or third income stream.

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