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5 Polite Ways to Deal With People Who Not-So-Politely Keep Interrupting You

Set Expectations From The Beginning

Whether you’re speaking up in a team meeting or you’re conducting a presentation, it’s important to be clear that you'll need to get all of your ideas out there before opening the floor to questions and contributions. 

This sets the tone right from the get-go that you’re aiming to share your ideas free of interruptions. This also makes it easy to halt an interrupter in his tracks.


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5 Polite Ways to Deal With People Who Not-So-Politely Keep Interrupting You

5 Polite Ways to Deal With People Who Not-So-Politely Keep Interrupting You


Key Ideas

Let it Go

Interruptions can be frustrating. But, the point here is that not all of them are worthy of addressing.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do when faced with an interruption is nothing at all, particularly if it happens just once or very infrequently.

Keep Going

Sometimes you can only fight fire with fire.

Refuse to pause for interruptions, and instead continue moving forward with your ideas. If needed, you can even pause for a second to address the interrupter and say, “one moment,” and then finish off your thought.

Ask Questions

Interruptions aren’t all bad: some of them can actually be pretty valuable contributions to the conversation.

So, when one of your co-workers jumps in, asking probing questions can be a great way to address the issue without direct confrontation or aggression and even allow you to get some beneficial ideas and added value out of the exchange.

Address it Head-on

You just need to be direct and let the interrupter know he needs to wait his turn.

You’ll also need to be firm to get your point across. But, just because you need to be blunt doesn’t mean you can’t be polite.



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