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The Best Way To Watch Lectures At 2x Speed

The Best Way To Watch Lectures At 2x Speed

So, a student could just watch videos at 2x speed and halve their time spent on lectures….Or, according to the results of other studies reported in the paper, they could watch a video at 2x normal speed twice, and do better on a test than if they’d watched it once at normal speed.

The timing mattered, though: only those who’d watched the 2x video for a second time immediately before a test, rather than right after the first viewing, got this advantage.


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19 yo medical student😄 I share interesting and sciency articles! 🇬🇧🇧🇩 MBTI: INTJ-T

I often watch videos at 2x speed, whether when studying or recreationally, so I found this article useful for learning how to utilise this for videos I watch as part of revision.

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