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Enunciate Your Area Of Expertise

Clearly defining your niche or specific area of expertise can help you build your brand, establish credibility in your field, and raise your profile. For example, a garden author focuses her work entirely on what she knows best—succulents—and, as a result of the clout she’s built within the industry, is often invited to speak at major home and garden shows and write for popular publications. 


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

For those looking to be thought leaders and for those looking to find thought leaders, here is what a thought leader is, before this term too gets usurped and defamed. Spoiler alert: thought leader is something others call you; if you call yourself a thought leader, you almost certainly aren’t one.

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PR helps you show off your expertise

PR helps you show off your expertise

Founding a startup doesn't make you an expert in your field. If nobody knows about your expertise, investors might see you as an outsider. 

Investing in PR, you are investing in building a portfolio of your public opinions, mentions, and columns in the outlets that matter i...

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