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Thought Leadership Empowers Both The Leaders And The Led

It’s an honorable goal for someone to aspire to be a thought leader.Online classes and degree programs provide an excellent way for business leaders and marketers, for instance, to expand their knowledge and perhaps specialize in a new related discipline. After all, being recognized as a go-to authority—a trusted source for one’s ability to inspire others with their ideas and bring those ideas to life—is empowering on its own and even more empowering when it motivates thought leaders to try and replicate their successes.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

For those looking to be thought leaders and for those looking to find thought leaders, here is what a thought leader is, before this term too gets usurped and defamed. Spoiler alert: thought leader is something others call you; if you call yourself a thought leader, you almost certainly aren’t one.

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