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Symptoms of out-of-body experiences

The symptoms could be hearing undefined sounds such as a train going by or soft murmurs and feeling like you're synching into a bed while your body feels numb and out of control.


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Out-of-body experiences

Out-of-body experiences

Sleep paralysis can sometimes make us feel like we're floating outside our body. The out-of-body experience can reliably be reproduced in the laboratory by disrupting the temporo-parietal junction in the brain. This region helps build a body image based on inputs...

The brain reconstructs experiences

  • For example, a churning stomach and flushed face can feel like you're in love in a romantic setting but will be interpreted as 'feeling ill' if you are in bed with a thermometer in your mouth.
  • A stomach ache might signal a gut infection, or it might feel like homesickness if you ...

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