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Something that's important to find happiness in your life and business is to practice being happy with the little things.

In business this could be your first sale, trumping your previous results, learning a new skill or to even appreciate how far you've come.

In your personal life it could be to be happy about the good people you have in your life, it could be for losing a little bit of weight or meeting a small goal you set.

Why you're working on becoming a better version of yourself be thankful for the little things on your journey to the top.


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Books, meditation and lying on a couch with food & watching movies are my favorite things. At the same time, I help anyone to get the clarity and push they need to move beyond their fears, uncertainties, procrastination to make real progress on life goals.


When you learn to appreciate little things in life, you tend to find happiness - which in turn gives a sense of fulfillment in everything you do.


Be inspired by words of wisdom from those who have already achieved great success and learn strategies to apply their ideas for success to your own life. This STASH shares the words of winners – great achievers who have been wildly successful, such as Walt Disney, Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan, and a dozen more. We’ve picked successful people from many different fields, but their ideas about achieving success are universal.