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#5 [ Collaborator

#5 [ Collaborator

  1. Connect between Teams 
  2. Alliances 
  3. Passing the Baton 
  4. Unifocus Groups 
  5. Cohabitation 
  6. Soccer Team Spirit 


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Founder startup, analytics, creative thinking

Innovation is key to work thinking and living, 10 faces of innovation by tom kelley is a great guide to innovative thinking leading to design thinking

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Managing Email Effectively

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How to avoid email overload

How to organize your inbox

How to write effective emails

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Research shows that fault lines are common within teams -- and between teams. You can have entire groups that dislike and disrespect each other. Which is not good for performance or morale.

Some fault lines are around status conflict-- there are tensions between groups around who’s run...

Team Topologies

Team Topologies

Team Topologies focuses on team structure & purpose:

  • How do large teams split the workforce?
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Empower a new manager by creating a support network

While the roles of managers have expanded, roles and teams are not structured to support well-being.

Managers are more motivated to be empathic when they have a support system. Goodway Groups, a fully remote company, acknowledges that distributed teams face greater challen...

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