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Roadmap, Smart Contract, and Sniping

Roadmap, Smart Contract, and Sniping

Roadmap: Many NFT projects have a “roadmap” that lays out their plans for a project. It’s helpful to look at these with a critical eye.

Smart Contract: A self-executing contract that spells out the terms for buyers and sellers in code that is recorded and distributed on the blockchain. The code of a smart contract controls the execution of transactions. Transactions are trackable, immutable, and irreversible.

Sniping: A tactic to identify and quickly scoop up NFT assets that are undervalued/underpriced. There are many tools for this but TraitSniper is a useful starting point.


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Web3 is mired in a dizzying array of acronyms that make diving an uphill battle. Here are some which will help you become more familiar with this exciting, dynamic space.

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