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Evolutionary theory of aging

Evolutionary theory of aging

It says that an organism begins aging after they have reached their peak of reproduction and have passed down adaptive traits.

  • Mutation accumulation - This theory presumes that random mutations accumulate later in life.
  • Antagonistic pleiotropy - According to this theory, genes that promote fertility early in life have negative effects later on.
  • Disposable soma theory - The theory claims that when more metabolic resources are directed toward reproduction, the less is put toward DNA repair. The result is cell damage and aging.


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A medical student who is interested in the comings and goings of the universe.

There are about 300+ theories of aging, some which have been broken down here. Along with them, certain lifestyle changes which could slow down the physiological effects of aging. is also given.

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Genetic theories of aging

  • Telomere theory - Telomeres protect the ends of your chromosomes as they multiply. Over time, telomeres shorten, which is associated with disease and aging.
  • Programmed senescence theory - Cellular senescence occurs when cells sto...

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