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More Dopamine, Please!

More Dopamine, Please!

  • For humans, rats, and all animals , the desire and motivation to pursue sex arise largely from a neurochemical called dopamine.
  • Dopamine amps up the centerpiece of the primitive part of the brain—the reward system. It’s where we experience cravings and pleasure, and where we get addicted.
  • At the top of our human reward list are food, sex, love, friendship, and novelty. These are called ‘natural reinforcers,’ as contrasted with addictive chemicals.
  • Sexual stimulation offers the biggest natural blast of dopamine available to your reward circuitry.
  • Dopamine’s nickname is molecule of addiction.


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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”



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"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self"



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More Pleasure Seeking Leads To Less Pleasure

More Pleasure Seeking Leads To Less Pleasure

  • Excess consumption (food or sex) is the signal to your primitive brain that you have hit the evolutionary jackpot. With continued daily over-consumption, high levels of dopamine trigger the production of the protein DeltaFosB.
  • DeltaFosB acts on the reward circuit, s...


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Free From Porn

Free From Porn

  • Men who developed an understanding of how their brain worked and how they were reinforcing negative, self-destructive habits were able to cut pornography out of their lives completely. They were once again attracted to their wives and girlfriends, and the symptoms disappeared.
  • The


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  • This habit distracts the person towards his/her goals, dreams, better life and good mental health.
  • This addiction at any age can ruin the relationship between couples, in career or social life. Many a times one is unable to realize this.
  • Sex ...


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Benefits Of Not Watching Porn

Benefits Of Not Watching Porn

  • Self-esteem increases
  • Good at management in emotional level
  • Energetic at every work
  • Positivity and sociable easily
  • Concentration increases
  • Comfort zone increases with talking to people
  • Relationship benefits
  • No more guilt


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Tips and Strategies For Overcoming The Addiction

Tips and Strategies For Overcoming The Addiction

  • Delete all pornography.
  • Change your environment.
  • Keep a journal and record your progress.
  • Engage in regular exercise. Exercise distracts your brain from urges, improves self-confidence and fitness, helps improve your mood.
  • Try out cold showers.
  • Get out...


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Reset Your Brain

Reset Your Brain

  • For the start, at least for one month or seven days one has to stay away from sexual activities. One has to be consistent in it. This period may be tough but this is the rebooting period for a better and healthy future.
  • In this period, one has to rediscover one’s exi...


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"A good idea should be like a girl's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest."

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