The Emotion and Virtues of the Kidney - Deepstash
The Emotion and Virtues of the Kidney

The Emotion and Virtues of the Kidney

  • The emotion of the Kidneys is fear, while the virtue of their spirit-mind is wisdom.
  • When you look back on your life - do you recall experiences where fear of the unknown transformed into experience-based wisdom?
  • It’s something that develops over a lifetime.
  • The Yin Will is related to our destiny or fate - our relationship with and journey into the unknown of the future - it involves trust and faith.
  • The Yang Will is more immediate than that - it has to do with the conscious efforts and fundamental decisions that allow your will for certain desires and outcomes to come to fruition.


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Very interesting to understanding the connection of our internal organs (physical) with the spirit within us (energy). Wholesome and holistic overall look of our health.

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