Signs of a Strong Kidney Part 2 - Deepstash
Signs of a Strong Kidney Part 2

Signs of a Strong Kidney Part 2

  • In that sense, the Yang Will gives you the perseverance to set out on the journey whereas the Yin Zhi is that part of you that becomes apparent once the goal is reached.
  • A healthy Zhi invites us to faithfully wade into the unknown, take the reins of destiny, and realize you’ve had the power to be the co-creator of your life all along. It’s like that saying, choose your hard.
  • Healing and embarking on the journey to change your life is hard.
  • Yet, staying in the same place and living with regret is hard too. The Zhi asks: What will it be…will you stay or will you go?


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Very interesting to understanding the connection of our internal organs (physical) with the spirit within us (energy). Wholesome and holistic overall look of our health.

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