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Blind-Spot Bias

People are better at recognizing biased reasoning in others but are blind to bias in themselves. 

  • Being smart can actually make bias worse. Blind-spot bias is worse the smarter you are.
  • Being smart and aware of your capacity for irrationality alone doesn’t help you refrain from biased reasoning.


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The Bias Blind Spot: We Have Biases About Biases

When we see someone else do something, we sometimes think we could do better, and probably recognized the food taste in a more objective way. The problem is that most of us are suffering from various biases, like the common bias blind spot: We think we are less biased than others.

On our own, we have a very natural tendency to process the world in a way that supports our prior view of the world

  • Even if you are aware of the biases, you're still susceptible to them
  • Smarter people who know about them are even worse because:
  1. Once they know about the bias, they're overconfident in thinking they can avoid them
  2. The...

Biases and human intelligence

  • People who are aware of their own biases are not better able to overcome them. Our intuitive thinking is just as prone to overconfidence, extreme predictions, and the planning fallacy.
  • According to scientists, intelligent people have a larger bias blind spot. They ...

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