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Identifying Your Comfort Zone

Identifying your comfort zone is a crucial step to staying out of trouble. A person who knows their comfort zone is likely to stay out of trouble and stay in control of their life. If you don't know your comfort zone, it can be difficult to identify it, and it can be easy to stray from it.

There's no need to identify your comfort zone, approximately 90-95% of people while reading this article are in their own comfort zone.

The remaining 5% who are reading this article don't need to identify their comfort zone because they already left it and they have started working for their goals. 


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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary

Comfort zone is the some thing that can make you weak and less productive, Learn the best way to overcome and come out from your comfort zone

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Comfort zone

Comfort zone

Escaping from your comfort zone is a necessity in order to rise above the masses. Even though your daily routine feels safe and pleasant, that doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. In fact, the safer you feel, the less likely you’ll do anything to make progress .

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