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How To Know Your Comfort Zone & Stay Out of Trouble

How To Know Your Comfort Zone & Stay Out of Trouble

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What Is Comfort Zone

What Is Comfort Zone

A comfort zone  is the point in which you feel completely comfortable, happy and relaxed. It can be anything from a place to relax, to your favourite food or hobby.

 It can be anything that makes you feel comfortable and happy. The comfort zone also has a psychological effect on us. 

When we are in our comfort zone, we tend to feel more confident and relaxed, thus causing us to take risks that we wouldn't normally take. 

In simple terms when you are relaxed, free and doing nothing can be termed as your comfort zone. 


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How Does Comfort Zone Works ?

The concept of comfort zones is a very simple one. It refers to the boundary lines that we draw around our personal space, and the limits we set for ourselves. 

We set boundaries to ensure that we don't go beyond those lines, and that we can make ourselves comfortable. 

We as humans lack motivation everytime and we want everything to happen automatically without hard work. 

But it is not possible, while working for success you need to work hard and that's the point where your comfort zone collides with your dreams.


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Identifying Your Comfort Zone

Identifying your comfort zone is a crucial step to staying out of trouble. A person who knows their comfort zone is likely to stay out of trouble and stay in control of their life. If you don't know your comfort zone, it can be difficult to identify it, and it can be easy to stray from it.

There's no need to identify your comfort zone, approximately 90-95% of people while reading this article are in their own comfort zone.

The remaining 5% who are reading this article don't need to identify their comfort zone because they already left it and they have started working for their goals. 


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Just an ordinary man, trying to be extraordinary


Comfort zone is the some thing that can make you weak and less productive, Learn the best way to overcome and come out from your comfort zone

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