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Our life is literally about making decisions. So let's learn to move past our past mistakes, and then move into learning to make better decisions moving forward.


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Life is hard and can be tough. So how do we work through our past mistakes? How do we let go so that these mistakes do not paralyze us for future, potential opportunities in our life?

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6. Forgiving Past Mistakes

6. Forgiving Past Mistakes

We all have chapters in our lives we’re not proud of. Mistakes we’ve made, things we’ve said, decisions we regret. But one of the most freeing and transformative behaviors is learning to forgive ourselves for these past mistakes.

It’s human nature to err. But holding onto guilt and regret o...

No Fear

Aligning your life requires courage. Deciding what you care about and not being afraid to make difficult choices is the way forward.

We all have our logical reasons and excuses postponing difficult decisions, but true courage is in making the right move.

Confronting Our Excuses

  • Coming in terms with our shame and guilt and confronting the problem head on is a better way to correct our wrongdoing and learn from past errors.
  • When we tolerate the sensation of public shame, we move towards accepting of our mistakes and learning from them.

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