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Benefits Of Rethinking Like A Scientist

  1. Improves your listening skills.
  2. Better interpersonal bonding with others when they feel listened to and not dismissed.
  3. Emotional Regulation: You learn to emotionally regulate and be more rational.
  4. Acceptance and learning from others: When an emotionally regulated and rational person you are open to accept others viewpoint.
  5. Growth mindset: When you are open to accept other view points you learn more.
  6. When you learn more you know more and that helps you in being right more often.


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(Over)#thinking is my second nature which helps to quench my "first nature" i.e. #curiosity . I'm here to combine the two into something useful like #learning and understanding #self through #psychology #philosophy & many more gems of #humanknowledge .

Rethinking not only improves our rational ability as an individual but also helps our society progress by developing scientific temper.

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