1. Organic Content Builds Healthy Soil. - Deepstash
1. Organic Content Builds Healthy Soil.

1. Organic Content Builds Healthy Soil.

In India, people have been tilling the same land for thousands of generations. But in the last generation, the soil quality has become so poor that it is on the verge of becoming a desert. If you want to preserve the soil, it means organic content has to go into it. But our trees have all been cut and millions of animals are being exported from the country. These are not animals, this is our topsoil going to some other country. When this happens, how will you replenish the soil? If there are no leaves or animal waste, you cannot put back anything.


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Namaskaram, As a youth of the world & a human we have to be aware of our surroundings as we eat food daily we should know what is the happing with this soil & Mother Earth. What are the Future Consequences of this, do you like to live in the state where our Next Generation is Fighting for food. SO, Plz take care of the soil, Thankyou #SaveSoil

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