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If we look at the graph below, we see visually sense pointless results for irrational alpha values . But, as we saw in the previous graph,Hofstadter Butterflies lives in the white regions (range of rational values) of the graph below.


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Data Reading On Statistical Features

A typical data set diagram (box plot) carries a lot of information.

  1. If it is short, it means the data points are similar, but if it is tall, it implies there is a lot of range and variance.
  2. A median (the line in the middle of a dataset graph) provides a more accurate reading...

Cognitive Biases: Anchoring And Our Relationships With Buying Stuff

Cognitive Biases: Anchoring And Our Relationships With Buying Stuff

When we walk into a store and see an Ultra HD Television costing upwards of $40,000, we usually feel as if it’s a complete waste of money and start to look at the other bargain options in the $1500 range. While we may think we are smart shoppers, we have been manipulated.


How Can I Challenge My Envious Thoughts?

How Can I Challenge My Envious Thoughts?

Just because you have negative thoughts doesn’t mean you have to believe them. The advantage of cognitive therapy is coming up with more helpful, more adaptive, and more realistic ways of thinking. Look at the table above and see if any of the negative automatic thoughts are familiar...

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