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Factor 1: Pace of innovation

Factor 1: Pace of innovation

Time matters, though it's not necessarily that you need to be able to build something the fastest. But you do need to be able to innovate in a timely manner.

Especially when those looking to innovate are typically those looking to innovate quickly and stay ahead of the competition. In many instances, it can be something of a race, and with immense competition across just about every field, being at the head of the pack can help you be successful.


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Factor 3: Raw Materials

Factor 3: Raw Materials

You need to have the physical resources, or raw materials, available to be able to innovate. Raw materials are often something that holds startups back in terms of speed.

But trouble sourcing raw materials can also be to the detriment of a startup that depends on them.

Hunt in packs

Although freelancing is largely a lonely road, the research found that the most successful freelancers (17 of the top 20 earners) are those who take advantage of the strength in numbers.

 This may be counterintuitive but going solo doesn’t necessarily mean you need to compe...

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