Two kinds of Memory

Two kinds of Memory

There are two kinds of memory:

  • Communicative: based on current news events and happenings. (eg. a new pop song)
  • Cultural: the kind of historic memory, for information that can be accessed in the archives (eg. a biography of a dead celebrity)
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Societies are forgetting more

A major study has found that recollection of events of popular culture, in a society as a whole, is degrading

In media, biographies last longer in memory than current music. Old/retro music is not in communicative memory but is remembered and accessed from the archives.

A collective decline in Memory

Various studies are being done on how long can any event or an artistic creation hold the public's attention, and findings suggest that there is a collective decline in memory and attention, at a universal level.

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Patience is not the ability to wait for something. Patience is our attitude towards waiting.

And the truth is we are becoming more and more impatient, mostly because we are now used to have everything at our fingertips, 24/7.

How to Be Patient in an Impatient World

Cherry picking

It is a logical fallacy and it happens when we choose and focus only on evidence that supports our views and arguments while ignoring anything that may contradict us.

Cherry Picking: When People Ignore Evidence that They Dislike

Stress is largely caused not by other people or external events, but by your reactions to them.

Pressure Doesn't Have to Turn into Stress

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