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An Entrepreneur’s Lazy Guide to Time Management

An Entrepreneur’s Lazy Guide to Time Management

Time is a finite resource and like your capital, inventory or profits, the success of your business depends on managing it well. As an entrepreneur, time management would aid you in delivering work on time, upscaling your business, and ensuring that you live your life while you pursue your goals.


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These are time management guides for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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How To Choose The Best Time Management Tool

There are several types of time management tools and applications. The ideal option for you will depend on your demands and unique circumstances.

When searching for a time management tool, take into account...

3 Steps To Better Time Management

Improving your time management can be done in three simple steps.

Review - review how you spend your time now for at least a week. Any more than 5 minutes spent on an activity should be recorded.

Remove - remove or reduce any periods of unproductive time. This may be hours lost scroll...

What Erodes Your Time Management Skills

  1. Always saying “Yes” to requests, leads to an excess of work to manage and consequentially decreased focus. 
  2. Lack of organization wastes mental energy with fending off mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety. 
  3. Not taking breaks leads you to burn out, which bri...

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