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Scope V/S SOW

Scope V/S SOW

At times we thought that SCOPE of a project also includes details regarding that project , so whats the difference, but it is not true because:

Scope of Work deals with a brief overview of the project, the list of tasks, a detailed description of services, members, or teams responsible for tasks and services, due dates, expected outcomes, and so on.

Whereas, the Statement of Work encompasses the Scope of Work, plus other aspects of project management like budget allocation, financing, resources, equipment provisioning, training, payment processing, performance management, and so on.


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SOW is a detailed statement which includes plan, budget, finance, allocated resources and every other minute details regarding any project or work. And to execute and project or work effectively we have to take care or each and every detail related to that project .. So this makes the SOW important ... Here's a guide that gives you an idea about what is SOW and related things ..

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