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In the year 1981, the famous scientist Stephen Hawking predicted something unusual happening at the event horizon. He predicted that information is being torn apart or the information is being destroyed forever — called the Black hole Information Paradox — in turn, violating the laws of physics.

Consider the black hole as an eternal eraser or a delete key on your keyboard — as their function is to get rid of information similar is the case of a black hole.

(Note: Information here means the arrangement of particles, and details of the state in a definite way.


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Hawking radiation

When this happens near the event horizon of a black hole, one of these particles call fall in, stopping them from annihilating.

  • The escaping particle is hawking radiation. ultimately the mass of this particle must come from the black hole, so over eons black holes...

Even Light Cannot Escape A Black Hole – But Something Can !! 🤯

Even Light Cannot Escape A Black Hole – But Something Can !! 🤯

  • Hawking discovered that black holes release particles at a steady rate ( Hawking Radiation).
  • His theory argues that space is filled with particles and antiparticles. They’re in a constant process of bonding, separating and then annihilating one another.
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