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The two stars have the same gravitational potential at the classical level, but the potential varies depending on the star’s composition at the quantum level. When stars collide to form black holes, their gravitational fields keep the memory of what they were comprised of.


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Theoretical black holes

Theoretical black holes

Also, basically everything you've ever read about black holes, is about theoretical black holes that aren't spinning, because their math is so much easier.

  • But since black holes are born from dying stars that were spinning extremely quickly in their final moments,...

Black hole

Black hole

Black holes do not just bend the stage, they are like trap doors. Places with so much mass that the universe formed a 'no-go' zone where the rules change.

  • Most black holes form when very massive stars die. In the final moments of really massive stars, there inside...

"If you consider black holes within only general relativity , one can show that they have a singularity in their centres where the laws of physics as we know them must break down.

"It is hoped that when quantum field theory is i...

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