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starts to dominate even more at this point.

Many physicists believe that the holographic principle will be one of the fundamental physical principles that will allow insights into a greater understanding of reality. Understanding the implications of Holographic Principle means understanding the profound aspects of our reality at the most fundamental level that is otherwise hidden….


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How To Live A Long Life

Learn more about scienceandnature with this collection

The importance of physical activity

The role of genetics in lifespan

How to maintain a healthy diet

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The Knowledge To Seve, Defend And Manipulate.

The Knowledge To Seve, Defend And Manipulate.

  • The greater our understanding of the reality and the hidden rules of things, the less failures and frustrations we will have.
  • The better we understand people, the more prepared we're to help them, manipulate or defend ourselves from t...

Deliberate practice nearly always involves building or modifying previously acquired skills by focusing on particular aspects of those skills and working to improve them specifically; over time this step-by-step improvement will eventually lead to expert performance. Because of the way that new s...

Trying To Define Consciousness

  1. The consciousness can be entirely physical, a product of the brain.
  2. It is an independent, unique entity, a special feature of physical reality, and can be a different reality in itself.
  3. Everything that exists has some form of ‘proto-consciousness’, or varying levels of con...

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