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The glorification of busy

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Why We Don't Ask

Why We Don't Ask

Check your assumptions about asking for help:

  • Negative associations: you might associate help-seeking with a negative view of 'taking handouts' or think that someone is lazy if they can't do something themselves.
  • Self-criticism.
  • Concerns about how you will be perceived.
  • Overestimating the likelihood of rejection.

People are likely much more willing to help than you realize!


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Make A Decision To Ask

Make A Decision To Ask

  • The long-term benefits of asking outweigh any short-term costs.
  • Choose the right person: Think about who has the skills, ability, and knowledge to help you and when is the best time to ask.
  • Ask in the face of discomfort: Label the emotions, summon your courage, and ask anyway...


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Creating A Culture Of Help And Support

Creating A Culture Of Help And Support

  • By fostering a team culture in which it is normal to both give and receive help, we feel more comfortable asking for help when we need it.
  • Offering support builds social capital in your personal and professional relationships over time, and when you've been supportive of others, you ...


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We Avoid Asking For Help

We Avoid Asking For Help

Asking for help can feel so uncomfortable that we would often rather .suffer in silence, or try to do everything ourselves

Over time, carrying a heavy load without enough support can lead to burnout - the exhaustion and disengagement that results from the chronic stress of having too many d...


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Administrator for charities/voluntary organisations

Just Ask.

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2. They take feedback

2. They take feedback

Genuinely self-aware people have the humility to understand that they can't always see themselves objectively. They also know that the best way to gain more objectivity about yourself is through the perspective of others.

If you want to see yourself through the eyes of other people,...

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