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Types of office politicians

1. The One With Ego

This person reckons that s/he is always right. S/he has the habit of not letting others have their say. S/he talks a lot about motivation and teamwork, but when it actually comes to walking the talk, they take a completely different turn. Also, these folks tend to be nice to those who always agree with them and flatter their ego.

2. The Bully

These folks are always on the go to use their authority and power to get their work done by others. They even tend to play the power game to get their personal work done.


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3. The Climbers

These folks climb the corporate ladder to achieve a higher position even by backstabbing colleagues and flattering the senior and important folks of the organization.

4. The Gossiper

Gossipers can someone who praises others and ...


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2. Be Friendly With Everyone At All Levels

Always carry a genuine smile, always greet people, be friendly, and be the one who helps and supports others.

By being likable, you get a lot of advantages — when you are good to others (whether to your colleagues or boss or ...


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5. Do Not Tolerate

Politics in workplaces don’t do any good to anyone and being silent about it and tolerating it is no good either.

There are people who fear that if they raise their voices against the wrongdoers of the office, they will be kicked out of the office.


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How to deal with office politics?

1. Be True To Your Work

Work is worship! One must respect his/her work — it’s the source of your bread and butter. You don’t have to stay back and work extra hours, all you have to do is make sure you are always on time to work, you dedicate yourself to your work for those ...


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Office Politics

According to a report by Bridge, that surveyed more than 1000 office employees:

  • 78% of respondents believe working more hours is at least moderately important in getting promoted
  • 53% of employees believe engaging in workplace politics is an important factor in receiving a promo...


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3. Make It Clear — You Are Not Open To Gossip

If you ever happen to bump into one, and s/he start some gossip, communicate strictly on a need-to-know basis that you don’t want to talk about others at all. If there’s something else s/he wants to talk about then continue or e...


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Content Marketing Specialist and Blogger

Most of us working professionals have experienced or seen in our offices. We all have that one colleague or boss who has made it really tough for us to survive in our workplaces. And the most frustrating fact about it is that you can’t escape it — it’s everywhere!

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