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Cause of "Choking"

Cause of "Choking"

Choking primarily is caused by a mental state. Especially when people are feeling nervous and not focused


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What is "Choking"?

What is "Choking"?

Choking is a phenomenon in which people tend to fail when performing under pressure. This is also applied to people who fail at the most critical or key point in their life.


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Two Theories of Choking

Two Theories of Choking

There are two theories that can explain why people tend to choke: Distraction Theory and Explicit Monitoring theory.


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Advice to Avoid Choking

Advice to Avoid Choking

1. Try to train and performing activity under pressure. This will help you accustomed to pressure and help you to maintain focus longer which will lead to better result.

2. Do a pre-activities routine, like taking a deep breath, memorize key word, moving your body, etc. This will help you m...


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Explicit Monitoring Theory

Explicit Monitoring Theory

This theory explain that choking can happen because people tend to over-analyse what they want to do. This will affect how they perform the task. Activities that performed spontaneously is more easy to do and will have a better result.


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Distraction Theory

Distraction Theory

Our brain commonly can only handles one task at a time. So, when people doing multiple activities at the same time, our focus will lower. This is also applies to activity that are more difficult and intensive.


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