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Behavioral Economics, Explained

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Behavioral Economics, Explained

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Learning Helps Make You Journey More Direct

Make the path from the learning experience to the application experience as direct as possible

The most effective way is to use immersive learning for instance a French person going to French to learn the language


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Experimentation Is What Makes You A Genius

  • the first experience is copying and creating emulate someone else’s work and then use it to improve someone else idea work with strict limitations


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What Is Ultralearning About

Ultralearning is a intense self-directed pace to learn any new thing. It is a book where you can learn any I mean any new skill very soon


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Use The Map To Identify Challenges

Identify challenges and obstacles that could stop your meta learning. Then brainstorm ways to stop them

Establish how long you are going to learn.

Research others who have learned another specific skill


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Almost all feedback is valuable but some feedback is more valuable than others

ourcome feedback: Tells you if you made it or failed

informational feedback: isolating key areas and telling you where you failed

Informational feedback: Getting feedback isolating places where you...


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The Direct-Then-Drill Approach

Perfect your techniques to maintain there competitive edge use the direct then drill way

Start with the direct approach to your skill figure out what you need to learn and then drill and hone your skill until you notice more skill that needs drilling

Identify the steps that t...


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To become highly effective you need to commit things into memory and things must be brought back to mind right away



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Final Thoughts

if You enjoyed this content please feel free to follow me or leave a comment. Thank you for sticking to the end

Always Learn More


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Improve Retrival Rate Through Testing

Firstly you can do that by testing yourself on the material that you learned the ability to recall facts and things for memory is awesome rententin and recall is awesome

Retrival requires an excellent amount of difficulty


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Knowledge Supplies Institution

Having a deep knowledge helps you get institution and then you can become highly impactful

  1. Ask stupid questions because they allow you to get intuition
  2. Push yourself into projects and information that which can lead to a deeper grasp of the subject Always choose the m...


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Identify A Clear Focus

  • Remove electronic temptations
  • Tell yourself you will just start working or learning the first few minutes and then stop
  • Dont fall into Autopilot, which means that you think your focusing but you are actually not. The best way to dismiss it is to use interleaving


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Ultralearners Are Quick Learners

  • Ultralearning learn things that would take most people years in months
  • An example of this was Eric Barone where he went from a DJ to a game developer and made An insane amount of money


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Interleaving is the act of breaking content into small and short places

Always monitor your attention levels and change what you are doing in regards to that


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Develop An Optimal Learning Strategy

Meta learning is the process of learning how to learn effectively

You must look at the big picture and see where things fall in place.

  1. Create a meta learning map which the map should contain facts, procedures and concepts

Facts are things th...


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Ultralearning is an amazing book. I recommend this book for everyone

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Immersion is more effective and faster for learning a language than sitting in a class.

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Boost Learning Speed

  1. Learners proficient in fast-paced games are significantly faster at performing new cognitive tasks.
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4. Reading Can Quickly Build Our Expertise.

4. Reading Can Quickly Build Our Expertise.

Without reading, our expertise will be limited to our direct experiences. We don’t experience life quickly, so our direct experience are limited. 

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