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What are the 4 Principles of WCAG (Pour)

Perceivable: Users should be able to view your content through more than one sense at a time

Operable: Users, even users with disabilities should be able to access your designs and your products

Understandable: Understandable means that users should be able to understand everything that happens and why it happened

Robust :  It should have features that make it simple to use the app it should be delightful and enjoyable.


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What does WCAG Stand For

WCAG Is An Acronym for something it stands for

W: Web





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How Can One Make There Content Perceiveable

You can make your content perceivable by allowing your content to be viewed by more than one sense for example allowing your videos to be read and also watched.


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What is the Principle Of Operable Designs

The Principle Of Operable design states that design should be able to be used by everyone regardless of their circumstances, they must be able to gain value and navigate through your website.


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What is Level AA WCAG

Level AA Wcag is the level that most companies hit as it is very tough to make AAA and it is too easy to meet A.

WCAG AA Means that your website is accessible to most people but a minority can't access your website to the full.


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What Percent of the World Have Some Sort Of Disability?

15% of the world has some sort of disability so it was paramount that we take accesibility serious


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Accesibility is one way to take your designs to the next level

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