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1. Solve Problems Based on Your Inside World

To find peace with the voice inside your head is to realize that this “I” will never be content. This means you can identify this voice, which Singer calls your inner roommate, as the source of negative energy. For example, if you are feeling jealous, you should avoid finding ways to protect yourself. Look inside and find out what part of your voice is having a problem with jealousy. 

Singer explains that solving problems based on your outside world will be ineffective and short-term. The key to solving problems is understanding and improving how situations affect you on the inside.


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12. Choose Happiness and Character

Singer explains that our usual responses to “Who are you?” are incorrect. Most people respond to this question by describing where they grew up and what their parents were like. This is not who you are. This is what has happened since you were born, rather than your character. 


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The path to unconditional happiness depends on your ability to understand your inner energies. If you think deeply, you will notice that happiness is associated with an open heart and a rush of energy. 


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8. Free Your Soul By Not Worrying About Others

We are all constantly suffering because we focus our mental and emotional energy on being liked by others. But, as these emotions are so prevalent, we don’t even notice them. Singer explains that your mind is a highly effective computer tool. We should use it to ponder noble thoughts, solve prob...


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7. Let Go of Things to Become Liberated

Freedom and liberation are the keys to avoiding a closed mind. Singer describes liberation as committing to your inner work and subsequently finding yourself. You can then untether yourself so that you can steal freedom for your soul. You achieve this liberation by not protecting your psyche. Eve...


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10. Take Down Your Walls to Free Your Consciousness

As you take down the walls and go deeper into yourself, you will realize a never-changing part of yourself. This is your sense of awareness. This is your consciousness. This part of you is aware of your thoughts, experiences, and emotions. So, your consciousness is the root of your “Self...


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4. Your Inside Voice Is Your Inner Thorn

Sometimes external problems are so insignificant that you can choose to avoid the thorn. That said, there will be occasions where external problems negatively affect your inner voice. On these occasions, you must decide to remove this inner thorn. The question is not how to get rid of the problem...


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13. Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

As humans, we try to stay within our comfort zone. This zone confines us to specific experiences and takes away our freedom. To go beyond this comfort zone, you have to start letting go of the effort to keep things within your defined limits. Once you have awoken spiritually, you will realize you...


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2. Get to Know Your Inside Voice

We all have a voice inside our heads. That said, we rarely take a step back and examine this voice. Singer suggests observing what it says and getting to know it better. Without getting to know this voice, it can feel like it’s part of you. But, as you have no control over it, it is obviously not...


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For example, a build-up of nerves, fear or desire will increase the voice’s activity in your head. This internal narration helps you analyze the world around you and re-create this world inside yourself. This can lead you to live in your own mind. 

The key to avoiding living in your mind is...


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14. Learn to Never Worry

Every day will feel like a vacation once you learn to never worry about what will happen in your day. You will wake up excited about the day and let go of everything when you go to bed at night. If you can do this, you’ll start living life rather than fearing or fighting it. If you want to be con...


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15. Death Teaches Us Unique Lessons

Most people try to avoid thoughts of their own death. But Singer believes contemplating death teaches us several lessons that will improve our lives. Here are five lessons you should learn about contemplating death:

  1. Don’t wait until the last moment for death to be your teacher.


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6. Openness Is Essential for Energy Production

Staying open is the key to happiness and love. Remaining open will lead to waves of uplifting energy filling your heart. Energy is so essential that you should never leave it to chance. You will receive more energy if you stay open, so Singer suggests practicing opening by not closing. Once you h...


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5. A Healthy Heart Allows Energy to Flow

Although energy is physical, your mental approach also influences it. The author uses the example of when you fall in love with someone. This experience inspires you about other things in your life and fills you with energy. On the flip side, you may feel demotivated and drained of energy after a...


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9. Freedom and Liberation Will Not Be Pain-Free

True spiritual growth and transformation won't be pain-free. You have to learn to come to peace with pain. Most people try to avoid pain, but this means pain is running their lives. Years of attempting to avoid pain will have created layers of deep sensitivity to external events. This is because ...


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Deciding you’re going to be happy will also help you become enlightened. Enlightenment is not about learning Sanskrit or renouncing the world. The key to true enlightenment is to be happy. People can quickly become burdened by the many choices in their lives. Singer reminds us that there is only ...


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It’s easier to get lost when several senses overload you. Your experience absorbs you. A perfect example of this is when you watch a fascinating movie. For two hours, you are immersed in your sensory experience. You must learn to pull yourself back from autopilot when engaging in these activities...


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3. Tackle Autopilot to Stop Being Absorbed By Your Inside Voice

Many of us live our lives as if we were in a dream. In dreams, we simply accept what is happening and don't question whether we are actually in a dream. We fly over our house without even questioning the legitimacy of our experiences. Singer describes this as a lost state and explains th...


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Deciding you’re going to be happy will also help you become enlightened. Enlightenment is not about learning Sanskrit or renouncing the world. The key to true enlightenment is to be happy. People can quickly become burdened by the many choices in their lives. Singer reminds us that there is only ...


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11. Destroying False Solidity Will Bring You Peace

Letting go is always a positive action. It’s a deep inner release that is a spiritual path in and of itself. Once you learn to let go of false solidity, you will experience permanent peace, joy, and happiness. Even after letting go, you will still have thoughts, emotions, and a self-concept. But,...


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Singer believes that a healthy heart’s natural state will allow energy to flow, encouraging inspiration, love, and openness. Your heart helps you research your highest state, which is simply the result of being completely open. So, don’t sell yourself short by neglecting your heart and closing up...


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