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Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Constantly Changing World

Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Constantly Changing World

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Rigid Thinking

Rigid Thinking

The speed of technological and cultural development is requiring us to embrace types of thinking besides the rational, logical style of analysis that tends to be emphasized in our society.

The less rigid we are in our thinking, the more open-minded, creative and innovative we become.

Develop Elastic Thinking

Develop Elastic Thinking

  • Develop a 'little kid's eye' to see and question situations.
  • Go and seek what challenges your beliefs.
  • Recognize diversity.
  • Generate lots of ideas and don’t be bothered that they will mostly be bad eggs.
  • Develop positivity.
  • Don't be overly analytical.

Frozen thinking

Frozen thinking

It occurs when you have a fixed orientation to approach a problem.

Many experts are frozen thinkers and cannot see beyond their mastered fields, often leading to embarrassing results.

Elastic Thinking

Elastic Thinking

It is the capacity to be flexible, to embrace ambiguity, contradiction, and unconventional mindsets.

It is the ability to abandon our 'marriage' to our beliefs and assumptions, opening ourselves to new paradigms.

Explore The New

Explore The New

Elastic thinking is the way to cutting edge innovation, future visions, science fiction gems, and other great new ideas.

Our tendency to explore and learn has always created something new in the world.

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