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Strong work ethic

Strong work ethic

Ethics is an area where a person should make conscious decisions. It is a marathon.

No one will want to work with you if you're not reliable, honest and respectful.


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Social intelligence

Social intelligence

Work on these skills:

  • Active listening – Be open-minded and empathetic toward others.
  • Fostering positive feelings – Stud...


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Understanding code

Understanding code

Sooner or later, your job may require something basic like inserting a tracking tag or editing some lines in your WordPress template. Other times, you may be required to do data analysis for customer databases with SQL or Python.

It’s best to acquire knowledge by completing courses.


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The market and your goals may frequently change in marketing. You may work on a blog post one day and be doing conversion optimisation experiments on the next.

Acknowledge that things can change quite fast in this type of work. Reacting to change is part of the game.


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Coping with pressure

In marketing, there is always pressure to get results.

To get better at coping with pressure, pay attention to:

  • Assertiveness
  • Learning to recognise and enjoy other things in life
  • Healthy diet
  • Realising that perfect i...


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Assertiveness is the ability to express your opinions and know how to stand up for your beliefs. It’s the art of saying “no” in the workplace without being hostile or aggressive.

Start practising assertiveness in some typical, everyday life situations.

  • Speak up when ...


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Understanding different marketing channels

Understanding different marketing channels

Even if you don't specialise in a particular marketing channel, you need to understand how they work.

  • You will possibly need to work on the intersection of various digital channels.
  • Your target audience will most likely hang out on different websites and platforms.



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Getting around essential digital marketing tools

Getting around essential digital marketing tools

Marketing technology, or martech, makes digital marketing possible. Better tools can make you more effective. Many essential marketing tools have free trials or free versions. In addition, they often have certification programs.

For example,

  • Doing SEO with zero budg...


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Curiosity (Continuous learning)

Curiosity (Continuous learning)

There’s always something new to learn. You'll need to stay up to date with new technologies, new tactics, new philosophies, Google’s algorithm updates, industry regulations, etc.

Optimise information gathering by following content curations, e.g., newsletters curated by industry pros.


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Only video marketing and podcast marketing don’t utilize text as the main medium but even videos and podcasts start as text.

Everyone can learn to write well. This job isn’t about creating the next blockbuster novel. It’s about writing clearly and convincingly. To get you s...


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Digital Marketing Specialisations

Digital Marketing Specialisations

Digital marketing has a long list of marketing specialisations: social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, marketing automation and more.

There are specific skills that are fundamental to all of them. The sooner you learn these universal skills, th...


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Data literacy

Metrics, graphs, trends, statistics, and predictive analytics depend on data. Therefore, marketers should be able to do the following very well:

  1. Report on the past – For example, calculating the conversion rate from trial signups to paid subscriptions.


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Basic design skills

Design can show the user where to click or convey what your brand is about.

To get better at it, you should:


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Critical thinking

Critical thinking can be seen as healthy skepticism. It's about not accepting things at face value when they lead to important decisions.

To develop an objective and independent opinion, you need to be able to question ideas to uncover

  • the kind of argument or evidenc...


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Performing experiments

Performing experiments

The recent popularity of growth marketing - a type of marketing - is characterised mainly by prioritising data over opinions. The source of that data is often experimentation. Performing experiments involves devising hypotheses and designi...


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