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The Secret Formula

  • Who Is Your Ideal Client? Write out their characteristics and find an actual picture to represent them.
  • Where Can You Find Them? What email newsletters and blogs do they read? What other interests do they have?
  • What Bait Will You Use to Attract Them?  For example, a physical book, or a recording. Anything that would match what your ideal customer would want.
  • What Result Do You Want To Give Your Clients? Once you (and they) understand that concept, then the price is no longer a problem.


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A manual for how to grow your business and generate more revenue through processes, funnels and scripts.

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Determine Your Ideal Client

Spend some time researching the needs, interests, and preferences of your ideal client. Then brainstorm ways to help them.

Think about your ideal customer. What’s their lifestyle like? What else do they like to do? And most importantly, based on who your ideal client is, what value c...


What model do you use to think?

  • A simple example ... you want to renovate a house. What house model do you want to apply?
  • You want to shave your hair? What hairstyle would you like to imitate?

What’s the best price to charge for your products or services?

What’s the best price to charge for your products or services?

 It depends on what your customers can afford, what they think they should pay, and what you think they’ll pay. The actual price is somewhere between these three variables.

Pricing is one of the most important decisions in business. It can make or break a company. And yet hardly anyone know...

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