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Dotcom Secrets

by Russell Brunson

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The World Revolves Around Funnels

Sales funnels used to be the domain of big corporate. As a small player, you would struggle to break into the market.

Today, a well-performing sales funnel can take you to a million-dollar brand.


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  • Who Is Your Ideal Client? Write out their characteristics and find an actual picture to represent them.
  • Where Can You Find Them? What email newsletters and blogs do they read? What other interests do they have?
  • What Bait Will You Use to Attract Them?  For example, a physical book, or a recording. Anything that would match what your ideal customer would want.
  • What Result Do You Want To Give Your Clients? Once you (and they) understand that concept, then the price is no longer a problem.


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You Need a Value Ladder

The value ladder revolves around selling to a customer over and over again. It can help build additional layers of income and provide more ongoing value for your customer.

What is the first thing you have to build out before starting working on any sales funnel? The goal is to take the client to a place where you can provide the most value and charge them the most. Then you want to add a good continuity program you can bill for each month. You should give insane amounts of value at each step.


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From a Ladder to a Funnel

A sales funnel is the online process you take someone through to get them to move through the different levels of your value ladder.

The top of the funnel is the bait that will attract your dream customers.  The deeper your funnel, the more things you can offer your clients, and the more each customer will be worth to you.


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To find congregations, type “keyword+forum” in Google or search for groups related to your keywords on Facebook.

When you’ve found your target audience, ask:

  • Who Is Your Target Market? What are their pains and passions? What do they desire?
  • Where does your target market congregate? Where do they hang out online? What newsletter and blogs do they read and what Facebook groups they are a part of? What are they searching for on Google?
  • How can you get a customer to leave the congregation and check out your page? Your ads must grab people’s attention.


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Build Your Attractive Character (AC)

AC is a person you're sharing with your audience.

AC consists of  3 components:


  • Backstory - where you came from. 
  • Parables - speak about things that happen throughout your life to teach, inspire and sell products.
  • Share character flaws so that others can relate.
  • Share opinions on hard issues.


  • The leader: The goal is to lead your audience from one place to another.
  • The crusader sets out and brings back treasures to share with your audience.
  • The reporter.
  • The reluctant hero who doesn’t want the spotlight.


  • Loss and redemption
  • Before and After
  • Amazing Discovery
  • Secret Telling


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The Soap Opera Sequence

When somebody joins your list for the first time, it’s important to quickly build a bond between them and the Attractive Character.

The key to making this sequence work:

  • Email #1: Set the stage: a thank you note
  • Email #2: Open with high drama.  Explain how you hit a wall and then found the answer. But don’t give the answer yet.
  • Email #3: Epiphany.
  • Email #4: Hidden benefits when using your product: Use parables to demonstrate those hidden benefits
  • Email #5: Urgency and CTA. Create a special sale that ends soon or give readers a coupon that expires in 24h.


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Daily Seinfeld Emails

The secret to keeping your subscribers happy to hear from you every day is using the Seinfeld format. Be entertaining. Every email and each story must be tied back into some type of offer for your audience.

  • What’s going on in your Attractive Character’s life?
  • What happened that’s embarrassing?
  • Where are you planning your vacation this year?
  • What did you buy recently that you regret or adore?
  • What made you scream with rage yesterday, that you’re laughing about today?
  • Is there a funny thing that happened in your past that teaches a lesson?


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Reverse Engineering a Successful Funnel

  1. Where Are Your Competitors (Both Direct AND Indirect)? Make a list of your direct and indirect competitors and their landing page URLs. Look for the paid ads.
  2. What Are They Doing? Check to see each of the paid traffic sources that the competitor is using.


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Don’t be afraid of high-ticket sales. Those who are serious will come on board with your back-end offer.

The high-ticket sales are a few select customers who have already bought from you. If they have purchased and are satisfied, then they will like and trust you over the long term.


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  1. Organic content marketing (A slow and long burn can take years)
  2. PPC spend on social media (Expensive and requires serious skill)
  3. Using affiliates (Hard to enrol unless you have a converting offer)

Essentially, it’s hard to start. It’s even harder to continue going for the long term.


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