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Regular Introspections

Regular Introspections

A periodic check-up can help you take stock of the insights you have recently gained – or prompt you to start wondering about areas of ignorance.

Ask yourself: have you learned anything new in the past month that has changed how you view or understand some aspect of the world? 


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I’ll show you my stash if you show me yours.

Get Wondering.

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De-escalate Office Tension

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How to create a positive work environment

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Effective communication in the workplace

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How to Use Self-Feedback

How to Use Self-Feedback

Here is a four-step process to help you do it.

  1. Ask yourself. What went well? What could I have improved? Which parts surprised me?
  2. Listen to yourself. For self-feedback to be helpful, it must be heard and valued.
  3. Try something. Now you can te...

Get in the habit of drawing

  • Sharing or even saving your doodles isn’t important. They also don't need to be finished.
  • Draw what’s in front of you. Any object will do.
  • If you’re stuck on finding a subject, follow a prompt ( e.g. Inktober’s “prompt list": words are meant to spark your imagination o...

Stay specific (yet open-ended)

Ask specific but open-ended questions to enable you to see the other point of view and see all the dimensions of a problem.

  • Ask, "What's harder than it should be?" It helps you identify patterns when you talk to various people.
  • "Is there anything you'd like to a...

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