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Use As Required

It’s essential to pause and first identify the outcomes you’re looking for. Do you want to get buy-in for your idea? Get a boss to treat you differently? Implement a more effective way for your team to work together? Then, knowing your audience and using the guidelines above, select the right mode or combination to manifest the outcomes you’re looking for.


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Friends As Therapists

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Stretch your vowels

When speakers get nervous, they often compress their sound. And mumbling sounds make it difficult for the audience to understand what you’re saying.

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How to close a talk

  • The close is the most memorable part, so plan it carefully and rehearse 
  • Round off your talk smoothly rather than leaving it rough
  • Effective ways to close include:
  1.    Summarizing main points 
  2.    Appealing for action
  3.    Paying a sincere complim...

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