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How To Live A Long Life

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How To Live A Long Life

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Systems thinking is a method for tackling a problem by identifying the different components and how they relate to each other. As opposed to responding to singular issues that emerge, a systems thinker gets some information about the connections and the different elements inside the problem, searches for patterns over time, and looks for main causes.


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Powerful Thinking

Powerful Thinking

Decision making and strategic thinking are fundamental business abilities that many people find hard to use in their everyday work. Exceptional people however, appear to dive into “blue sky thinking” and balance it with practical execution: proving strong thought processes behind their doing.


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Fortunately, everybody can learn to utilise some basic techniques to improve their decision making skills. In this short article, you will figure out one of the many ways I use to think innovatively and create solutions to complex problems.


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<p>3. The Structure Level<br>U...

3. The Structure Level
Underneath the patterns level lies the structure level. At the point when we ask, “What is causing the problem we are observing?” the appropriate response is normally some sort of structure. For example, I can be busy at work or not eating healthily.


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<p>4. The Mental Model Level<b...

4. The Mental Model Level
Mental models are visual representation in our minds, convictions, ethics, desires and qualities that enable structures to keep working as they seem to be. These are the convictions that we frequently gain instinctively from our life background. For example: being bus...


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<p><strong>The four levels of ...

The four levels of thinking:

1. The Event Level
The event level is the level at which we ordinarily see the world — for example, getting up one morning to discover we have caught a cold. While this issue can be corrected with straightforward action, the iceberg model p...


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<p>2. The Pattern Level<br>Whe...

2. The Pattern Level
When we look just underneath the event level, we often see patterns. Comparing the events over time we may see that we contract more bugs when we don’t get enough rest. Watching the patterns enables us to estimate future actions.


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A Teacher in A Senior Secondary School. Follow me on Instagram @Ramijr32. Love to be with you.

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