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Sometimes the best way to accomplish something is find the most simple way of doing something

The fastest way from point A to point B is straight

Most people don’t go for the simplest options and get confused with all the complexity that comes from it.


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The conservation of complexity

To do a difficult thing in the simplest way, we need a lot of options. When looking an any set of tools for a task, such as a digital photo editing program, a novice will see complexity. A professional sees a range of different tools, each of which is easy to use. They know h...

Reason for a Dead End 2. Users have strayed off the beaten track

Sometimes dead ends happen more gradually than simply giving someone no option to continue. Services that are very simple for those on the ‘happy path’ often hide complex and hard to navigate side routes that don’t necessarily ‘stop’ a user from doing something, but slow them down to the extent t...

Wasting time: Forever planning

Most of the time, planning is a great way to avoid wasting time. But there comes a point when it’s possible to overdo the planning process. Because it is possible to overengineer a system or a strategy to do more than you set out to do, increasing the complexity of the plan but n...

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